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Welcome To The Fillme Wash Retailer!

My name is Paulin Blaise Ngweth CEO of Fillme Wash, one of the owners and operator. In the information section of our website, I hope to help you become an informed consumer of detailing services and help you take your car to the next level with advice from the pros. The retail world is filled with missing information, so I created this section with the aim of providing a voice of reason and simplicity amidst the retail world. Fillme Wash is a local company that performs deep cleaning, restoration and refinishing of motor vehicles, to produce show quality cleanliness and polish. Movable details can be done on the exterior and/or interior of a vehicle.
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Our service is a professional service that brings the car wash (Mobile Car Wash and Detailing) to you. Mobile details have become more popular over the years as many people lead increasingly hectic lives and use the service to trade a little more money for a lot of saved time.

Our Team

We are a local business. By deciding to invest in a local company you are doing a good thing, it is allowing local job creation, it is allowing companies in our region to develop and thus improve the local professional image at the national level.


All our "Fillmewash Mobiles" are well equipped. This equipment was purchased here and made by people here with state-of-the-art technology. We take pride in knowing that our factories across the province have the capability to manufacture the best performing pressure washer systems that are easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to maintain and will perform efficiently to save customers money. now and in the future

Office Staff

Our office operates with a great staff and it is full of talented people who work in synergy and as a team. All of these people have the goal of seeing the business grow and financially.

Our Policy

The Fillmewash team works hard to ensure that each customer is satisfied. We will follow all safety guidelines and all rules and regulations set forth in effect by state/federal safety authorities.

A Higher Standard

I do not intend to brag as CEO of the Company. Our customers can attest that the quality of our work is miles above your typical car wash. If you've ever had the experience of going to any of these places, it's too often that you find water dripping from mirrors, door jambs, and seams. On top of that, there are streaks on the glass, uneven tire dressing on your wheels and tires, and if you look closely enough you'll find a spot they missed. If you're looking for a quick and cheap option, these are great. Mobile Car Wash & Detailing takes it to a higher level.

What To Expect

Mobile Car Wash & Detailing is not the retailer to call when you want a cheap detail. We focus solely on quality and value, and you should only contact us if you want the job done right the first time. If you call us, you can expect us to show up on time and do exactly what I promised. We usually ask a few questions about the car before we start so we can figure out what you want done or if there are any areas that need attention.

Win-Win Business Model

We try to run our business differently than most mobile automotive retailers. We use a win-win business model where we try to build professional relationships with our customers and give them exactly what they want. In doing so, we aim to build a loyal customer base and, we're lucky, a referral or two. It is important to note that we do not charge based on the time it takes, but rather on the results we produce. Our goal is to show up and do the best job imaginable. I know that if we don't meet the standards, people will find someone else.

Mobile Retailer Differences

There are many differences between a mobile retailer and a traditional auto retail store. Besides the differences listed above, one thing that sets us apart is

Our careful selection of products. We pay particular attention to the range of products we use on our customers' vehicles.

From pH neutral shampoos to natural boar bristle detailing brushes, we ensure that every chemical and tool we use is not only safe but highly effective.

Another difference between us and many others is our pricing. If you have browsed our website, you will know that we are not the cheapest, but we are the best. Mobile car detailing is a premium service meant to save you time. You're trading in a few extra dollars for a huge time saver. Instead of leaving your car in a car wash all day, you can have the same service performed in a few hours for much better value.


As a mobile retailer, a customer's expectations are something we frequently struggle with. Often a customer expects a completely new car with a basic wash, this is unrealistic. Sometimes we try to convey that we are not miracle workers (sort of) to an excited customer. While making your painting look better than it looked on the showroom floor is true, it comes at a price most people aren't willing to pay. Completely transforming a car to perfection can take 25 to 50 hours of work and gallons of product, hundreds of microfiber towels and touch-up paint. I understand that most people don't care about the little scratch on their car's emblem or the embedded contaminants on the wheel barrels. So I don't devote all my time or energy to these areas. While I'm cleaning them, I focus my time on the areas that customers care about the most, like the paint

Our Washing Process

While it doesn't take a rocket scientist to properly wash a car, it does take skill and professionalism to ensure the job is done right the first time every time. There are some parts of the car we wash that most people wouldn't even notice. But we wash these areas because we know they need to be cleaned and we have a standard of perfection, so we make sure it gets done. We have a personal detailed guide on how to wash your car and how we wash our customers' cars.