Why Fillme Fuels


Why Fillme Fuels? Our company was founded 2018 and is the last mile mobile fueling company that delivers fuel to vehicles. We offer motorists and businesses an alternative solution for their refueling needs, so drivers and fleets never have to stop for gas again. To keep vehicles moving in the safest, most efficient, and planet-friendly way possible, while delivering unparalleled customer service. https://fillmefuels.ca/gas-delivery/ Do you know that people waste three billion hours each year on the gas station errand? Eliminating the Gas Station Errand – save a trip to the gas station, cut unnecessary extra miles and wasted time. On average, this saves 1.4 pounds of CO₂ emissions per Boost. How? a round trip stop at the gas station can add an extra 1.89 miles. Extra miles = extra gas used to fill a tank and added vehicle wear and tear. Fillme Fuels goal is to build the long-term supply infrastructure of the future with technology rooted in Greater Moncton and the entire province alongside different partners. This is awesome ! One of our proprietary trucks and specialist drivers, safely dispense fuel at a time of your choosing. It’s time to forget the petrol station, welcome to Fillme Fuels.